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December 08, 2020

A wildlife enthusiast since childhood, Ryane Logsdon is now finishing her Ph.D. thesis in the Animal Behavior Graduate Group at UC Davis. In between research, writing, and her many other academic duties, she makes time to volunteer at the California Raptor Center. With more than four years at the CRC under her belt, Ryane is involved in many aspects of the center’s operations, from rehabilitation to educational outreach to training the ambassador birds.

We asked her about how she got here and what keeps her coming to the CRC:

Surviving Against the Odds: The Story of the CRC's Newest Ambassador Eagle

December 08, 2020

Ingela Kaersvang thought the eaglet was dead.

The Rumsey resident was making one of her regular visits to a local Bald Eagle nest when she saw a gust of wind bring an eaglet crashing to the ground. The chick fell, hitting branches as he tumbled from the tree’s crown to the field below. "He hit the ground in a heap... and I was sure he was dead, and then he lifted his head," said Kaersvang.

Turkey Vulture Times Two

November 26, 2019
Turkey Vultures may be a common sight in the skies, but their babies are a rare sight at rehabilitation clinics. Hence it was with much surprise that California Raptor Center staff and volunteers found themselves caring for not one, but three baby Turkey Vultures over the summer of 2019.